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Hi, my name is Arthur. I'm 9. I live in Rockville, MD USA. This is my website.
This website is about kids, for kids and everything what's uniting kids around the World.
Let's talk, learn, create, share, communicate, make friends, inspire others and get inspired.

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Hi there. My name is Alex - Arthur's dad. I'm happy to introduce you our new project.
I'm helping my son and his friends with this project, which was designed to help them to learn, create, socialize, communicate and be computer friendly - which are very important skills, that everyone should have in today's Digital World.

I’m really hoping that this website will teach our kids on how to use a technology and internet “the right way”. I see many kids these days spend a lot of time on the internet playing games, youtubing, watching grownups playing kids games and making inappropriate comments - that our kids absorb like a sponge. Read more ...

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