I’m really hoping that this website will teach our kids on how to use a technology and internet “the right way”. I see many kids these days spend a lot of time on the internet playing games, youtubing, watching grownups playing kids games and making inappropriate comments - that our kids absorb like a sponge. Most of that time, this kind of internet experience (in my vision) just kills a valuable time and teaches kids something “wrong” and not age appropriate. As a very busy person myself, I just can’t watch and not to react to this kind of time waste.

I was trying to create a tool for our kids that will teach them on how to do it “right”.
I came up with this idea and developed this website, so my son and his friends can still use the internet, have fun and do all other

things they like to do, but in the same time, they can learn something new, read more, search for valuable materials that could be interesting for themselves and somebody else (who is willing to read their articles), analyze information and, of course - improve their computer skills by learning how to use their email, picture editing and text editing processors of all kinds.
By doing all that - kids can still watch their favorite music videos, watch other talented kids, read each other articles, learn new scientific facts, create new subjects and articles. We’ve created different subjects in our blog, where every child can find something interesting.

My son Arthur and myself are really hoping that you will enjoy our website, will create new friends and all of us together will bring something valuable to our community.

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